Sunday, September 7, 2008

Dog Owners Pursue Howl-istic Health

(NAPSI)-Maybe having your health go to the dogs isn't so bad after all.

Wellness gurus say a new survey reveals the dawn of "howl-istic" practices among dog lovers nationwide. In fact, 92 percent of adults who have a dog agreed their pups' emotional health is as important to them as their physical health. Additionally, 86 percent of adults who have a dog said they value their dog's health as much as their own.

This is in keeping with trends that suggest pet lovers are adopting progressive outlooks on canine health and happiness that mirror their own outlook on personal wellness. Indeed, a growing number of dog owners now sniff around the Web looking for holistic health advice for their four-footed friends.

They often find Dr. Jodi Smith, a practicing veterinarian and popular pet expert from JustAn, the largest expert-advice provider on the Internet.

"I'm always encouraging pet parents on- and offline to strengthen their bond by tapping into their dog's energy and staying active together," says Dr. Smith. "Combine active play with eating wholesome foods and you will unleash a wealth of physical and emotional benefits." She suggests these tips:

1. It's More Fun With Fido--Integrate your pup into your personal wellness plan. Most dog lovers (86 percent) say they are happier when they take a walk with their dog(s) than when they walk alone. Plus, more than three in four acknowledge that their dog's energy is contagious, encouraging them to stay active.

2. Quality Nutrition and Great Taste--Be careful when reading dog food labels and focus on products such as new Kibbles 'n Bits Wholesome Medley. The great-tasting food is made with poultry meal, brown rice, apples, peas and carrots, offering 100 percent complete and balanced nutrition. It's also wheat-gluten-free and has no artificial flavors or preservatives. The food helps power your dog's energy level throughout the day.

3. Preventative Measures--Apply basic safety rules to both you and your dog: Don't exercise on full stomachs, keep hydrated, stay out of nasty weather and remember to stretch.

4. They're All Ears--Dogs soak up praise and terms of endearment. They are great listeners and will patiently hear out the story of your whole day in return for a belly rub or scratch behind the ears.

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