Monday, January 12, 2009

Sharing Life with a Poodle: A Loving and Hilarious Portrayal of the Human Side of Dogs

AAG Note: Sometimes, a lighter look at animals is in order. This book sounds like a fun read, in addition to providing good tips.

/PRNewswire/ -- People love to pamper their pets, and their pets love to be pampered. Author Kate Reynolds, the indulgent owner of a French poodle puppy, has written a humorous take on fellow pet owners and the corporations whose advertising keeps the owners' closets full of pet supplies. "The Time Marches on Dog Book" (published by AuthorHouse -- is a parody of promotional literature for dog-care products and an endorsement of items sold by "Barkgent," a fictional dog-product vendor.

Much like dogs romping through a whimsical park, "The Time Marches on Dog Book" is a romp through an alternate canine universe in which dogs long for Armani suits and Versace gowns, study foreign language tapes, and imbibe in wines sporting labels such as "Canine Cabernet."

Depicting the action after the dog and his owner have downed a few glasses of before-dinner wine, Reynolds writes, "So what's for dinner? You don't have a clue, neither does your pooch. You have opened your Barkgent's ALL NEW FRENCH COOKBOOK for you and your dog. You cannot see the page; you had planned on filet mignon with Bearnaise sauce, but your dog ate it raw this morning. He may need more TUMMYTUM YUMS. What about the Welsh rarebit? Your dog adores this! You can't stand it, but, oh well, you'll make it for him because you love your dog."

Then, after a series of antic mishaps including an oven fire and fire-extinguisher foam sprayed in the kitchen: "You reach for a bottle of Milquebonz Merlot to get your strength back. Maybe you need two due to the circumstances. Now what will you replace that burned Welsh rarebit with?"

"The Time Marches on Dog Book" includes professional-quality color photos starring Dr. Sam, the author's comical-looking poodle puppy, humorously illustrating outlandish doggy-doings. The zany world of high-level canine care comes to life through Dr. Sam's antics.

Serious subjects are also covered in "The Time Marches on Dog Book," such as the importance of exercise, the value of being present if it becomes necessary to euthanize your pet, and the need to microchip pets to aid in locating them if lost.

About the Author: Kate Reynolds graduated from Chestnut Hill College in Pennsylvania and worked for several years in television with Dick Cavett, Jack Parr, and Marlo Thomas. Her writing muse lay dormant for many years until she awakened it by writing "The Time Marches on Dog Book." The author and her dog, Dr. Sam -- who inspired the book, live seasonally in South Florida and Quebec, Canada.

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