Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Four Easy Tips to Live Harmoniously with Your Favorite Fur-ball

(ARA) – You play, laugh, snuggle and sleep together. In fact, you’re best friends! But, just like their owners, pets have their quirks: chewing socks, begging, stealing food and some things they just can’t help, like shedding hair everywhere.

One out of three dog and cat owners admit that they’ve left the house with pet hair on their clothes in the last three months, according to the Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair survey. For the 63 percent of Americans who have pets, this is not the most pleasing statistic to be a part of. It’s time for houseguests to walk in the front door of your home and notice how great your home looks, not how hairy you or your furniture is.

Here are some weekly housecleaning tips to reduce the pains of cleaning up after your pet so you can finally declare, “Welcome to the Sofa!” without the fear of hair, scratching or fleas getting the best of you.

* Stop those bad habits.
Whether puppies are teething, or your dog just has a bad habit, it is frustrating when your beloved pet chews on furniture. One option is to spray your furniture with chewing deterrents, which are available at pet stores. For cats who scratch, scratching boards are a must-have.

* Play fetch with pet hair.
Most pets shed, lovingly leaving their fur behind on your upholstery. For upholstered furniture, the new Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair does the trick. It is a handheld solution which traps hair – picking up as much hair as 145 of the traditional sticky sheets. Rollers grab, lift and trap pet hair inside the device as you slide the device side to side over upholstered furniture, keeping the living spaces clean and hair-free. With this cleaning tool, it's easy to welcome your pet back to the couch for a snuggle while watching your favorite TV show.

* Make fleas stay away.
Eliminate flea problems naturally and with a pleasant smell using peppermint and eucalyptus oils. They can be used on your pet's coat and you can also use eucalyptus leaves under your pet's bedding to prevent fleas and add a pleasant smell to the bedding.

*A million toys and nothing to do.
No matter how many toys you have lying around the house, dogs often still act bored or prefer your shoes. In order to help maintain your dog’s interest in toys, rotate them so a few are available each day.

Cleaning up pet hair has never been easier. Visit to learn more about the Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair.

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