Thursday, December 24, 2009

While the Cat’s Away …

The Sumatran tiger and clouded leopard habitats are temporarily closed as Zoo Atlanta begins construction on an all-new carnivore complex scheduled to open in summer 2010.

What to do with the cats for the next several months? Thanks to professional collaboration with two other AZA zoos, three of the popular felines are temporarily charming North Carolinians and Arkansans. Sumatran tigers Chelsea and Kavi have reached interim quarters at the North Carolina Zoo, and the elusive Moby has traveled to the Little Rock Zoo. The Zoo’s eldest tiger, Jalal, 16, won’t be leaving on any travels: the charismatic senior will stay in Atlanta but will reside in an off-exhibit area during construction. Little do the cats know that there’s a total home makeover in store!

Meanwhile, things are looking pretty fierce at the base of the Zoo’s Asian Forest. While Zoo guests can’t currently see the striped and spotted regulars, their temporary absence will be worth the wait. Frequent visitors are encouraged to stop by the area and check out a construction checklist tracking the progress of 2010’s big Zoo debut.

Stay tuned for updates, as well as future news on two very exciting arrivals to the new carnivore complex. We’d share more, but we don’t want to let the cat out of the bag …

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