Thursday, July 8, 2010

Some of the Strangest Sights in the Animal World No Longer Live Only in Dreams

Editor's note:

...and it's not cloning.

It's just so hard to imagine how all these new hybrids are working out in nature or in captivity by breeders.  I just have to wonder about how a spider mixed with a goat really is an improvement in nature. 

It used to be fun using our imagination as we dreamed up fantasy animal combinations. 

This article from the Smithsonian caught the attention of our staff and we thought it might catch yours as well.  At least, it should catch your imagination.

Animal Hybrids: Ligers and Tigons and Pizzly Bears, Oh My!

Let’s face it. Centaurs, chimeras, griffins, the Little Mermaid, the Thunder Cats and all those cool hybrid creatures from Avatar: The Last Airbender are just legends and fantasies. And Peter Parker remains the only human, as of yet, to gain super-powers from a radioactive spider. Sigh.
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