Friday, May 30, 2008

Essential Tips For Beginner Fish Keeping

NAPSI-For millions of Americans, aquariums represent an opportunity to put aquatic life on display--a peaceful, relaxing diorama for the home or office. In order to make sure that things go swimmingly, here are some essential tips for selecting and maintaining an aquarium.

1. Choosing an Aquarium and Fish. It is important to select an aquarium that will match the decor of a room while providing a healthy environment for your fish. When choosing a tank, keep in mind that fish will grow. Work with the aquarium expert in your pet store to make sure that the different species you choose will all get along and determine how large your fish will be as adults. Once you know the best aquarium size, Aqueon aquarium kits make starting an aquarium easy and simple. Each kit comes complete with an “Aquarium Set-up & Care Guide” book, premium fish food, water conditioners and a filtration and lighting system.

2. Heaters. When choosing a heater, consider that submersible heaters tend to be the most efficient. Heaters should always be paired with an accurate thermometer to ensure the appropriate temperature range is maintained. Check the heater regularly to ensure that it is working properly and keeping a steady temperature; water that is too warm can result in the fish suffocating.

3. Food. Fish require a diet that contains proper nutrients from quality ingredients, such as krill, kelp and whole fish meal. Feed your aquatic pets a food that is appropriate for their size, feeding level and dietary needs. Check the food packaging for recommendations regarding how much to feed and how often. For instance, Aqueon fish foods have natural ingredients with easy-to-follow instructions that are perfect for the beginner aquarist.

4. Filters. All aquariums accumulate debris from fish waste, uneaten food and plant detritus. This is usually simple to remove with the aid of a mechanical filter. Some things to look for in a quality filter would be flow rate, stages of filtration and noise. To be most efficient, filters should be slightly oversized for the tank they will be placed in. Higher flow rates ensure the amount of water being filtered per hour as well as provide proper circulation and aeration by continually breaking the water surface. Using a multistage filtration system ensures better aeration for healthier, more active fish. Aqueon Power Filters feature four stages of filtration for the cleanest, clearest and healthiest water.

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With just a little effort, aquariums can be a relaxing, enjoyable hobby for the entire family.

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