Thursday, May 1, 2008

Female Golden Retriever Mix Needs Temporary Home

To: Georgia Heartland Humane Society volunteers and fellow animal lovers
From: Barbara Grosse, President of GHHS
Hello Everyone,

Last Saturday at adoptions a lady brought in an 8 year old female Goldy mix that she found wandering down the road. She is a very sweet girl, but had not been well taken care of. She was dirty, matted and her toenails curled up under her feet. The lady who found her offered to take her home and bathe her and shave her down, but couldn't foster her. We took her to the vet Monday and she has arthritis and is heartworm positive. Her arthritis is so painful that she doesn't want to move around much and therefore has become overweight, which adds to her problems. The vet put her on steroids and pain medicine to make her more comfortable. We need to find a foster who would be willing to help her get back on her feet. Someone that would give her her medications and see that she gets up and moves a little, takes a 15 minute walk everyday to make her joints more flexible and the blood circulating. She is really no trouble and has a very nice disposition.

Is there anyone out there who would open their heart and home to this sweet old girl and give her a chance to to get well and find a loving home of her own. After years of neglect, she deserves a chance to find happiness.


GA Heartland Humane Society
P. O. Box 72197
Newnan, GA 30271-2197
(770) 830-2820

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