Monday, October 6, 2008

Be Prepared For Pet Emergencies

(NAPSI)-You can protect your precious pets in a time of emergency--if you prepare. Pet care experts at North Shore Animal League America, the world's largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization, recommend having a pet first-aid kit that's right where you need it if an animal emergency occurs.

You can buy kits that are pre-assembled or assemble your own. Keep them in different locations, for instance, one kit at home, one in the car, the office, a vacation home, wherever the pet spends time, so you're always ready. If customizing your own kit, use a container that's sturdy, waterproof and easy to spot when you need it in a hurry. Here is what every basic first-aid kit should contain:

Pet First-Aid Essentials

• Phone number and addresses: Veterinarian, emergency vet, animal poison control

• A basic pet first-aid book

• Photocopies of your pet's paperwork: Important medical records, vaccinations, etc.

• Medical gloves: To protect hands and prevent contamination

• Scissors: To cut gauze or the animal's hair

• Bottled water

• A mild antibacterial soap: To clean skin

• Paper towels

• Gauze pads: For cleaning and padding wounds

• Gauze rolls: To wrap wounds and can also be used as a temporary muzzle

• Alcohol prep pads: To sterilize equipment--NOT for use on wounds

• Self-adhesive bandages: Flexible bandage used to wrap and stabilize injuries (do not wrap too tightly)

• A large cloth towel: To wrap animal in

• Hydrogen peroxide: To clean minor wounds

• Eyewash: To gently but thoroughly flush out wounds and eyes

• Antibiotic ointment: For cuts and abrasions (never for eyes)

• Cotton applicator swabs

• Tweezers: To remove foreign objects from skin and paws and for proper removal of ticks.

Always make sure to read directions and warnings before applying any medications, either prescribed or over the counter, to your pet. In an emergency, contact your veterinarian for further instruction.

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