Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Do You Know What's In Your Pet Food?

(NAPSI)-If you don't know what you are feeding your pet, you have lots of company. A recent survey found that although 85 percent of pet owners want their pets to be healthy, 62 percent don't understand what ingredients are listed on their pet food labels.

That's a bigger surprise when you consider that 73 percent say what they feed their pets should be as high quality as the food they serve their families, and that 56 percent say they always read the label on their own packaged foods.

The survey, conducted by Harris Interactive and commissioned by the WELLNESS® brand of natural food and treats for pets, also found that 91 percent of dog and cat owners sought a balanced holistic approach to pet food and did not want their pet's food to contain ingredients that cause allergies or food intolerance.

Another 66 percent said their preference would be to only feed natural pet food. In reality, though, most consumers are buying pet food that is not natural and that contains many of the ingredients they don't want.

The pet nutrition experts at WELLNESS Natural Food For Pets recommend that before pet parents buy pet food, they should pick up the bag, turn it over and read the ingredient label. They should look for pet food that:

• Contains real meat, poultry or fish as the first ingredient, not meat or poultry by-products;

• Contains no commonly identified allergens (e.g., wheat, wheat gluten, soy);

• Has no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives;

• Contains ingredients you do recognize, such as deboned chicken, fish, whole grains like oatmeal or ground barley, and wholesome fruits and vegetables such as cranberries or sweet potatoes.

A holistic approach to a nutritious pet diet incorporating healthy ingredients can serve as the foundation of a pet's well-being.

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