Thursday, October 30, 2008 Picks Top Pet Gifts for the Holidays

AAG Note: Who knew there were so many options available for our pets?

PRNewswire/ -- More than half of dog owners buy a gift for their dog during the holidays. (, the #1 online vertical media network in the pet market with 8.2 million unique visitors a month(1), makes it easier to sort through the myriad pet products on the market via its 2008 Holiday Gift Guide.

"Pets are receiving top billing on holiday shopping lists, alongside family and friends," says editor Amy Gurvitz. "Our top picks for the season range from gifts that are good for the environment and your pet to products that benefit pet charities, rescue organizations and shelters with their sales."

DogTime's 2008 Holiday Gift Guide ( includes the top ten dog gifts in the following categories:

Charitable: Many animal charities need donations and the holidays are a great time to support your favorite non-profit. Gifts on DogTime's charitable list truly keep on giving -- first to the recipient, and then to the organization benefiting from the sale, including the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine and the ASPCA.

Eco-friendly: The desire to "go green" has impacted the way people shop for everything from clothing to food to cars to pet products. DogTime surveyed the green scene to round up the top dog gifts that are safe for pets and the environment.

Edible: Tasty dog treats may not last long, but are sure to be enjoyed by most any canine. From doggie "beer" to fortune cookies to gourmet biscuits, DogTime has presented a selection of unique edibles.

Luxury: Whether a gift for the pampered pooch or a splurge for a special dog, DogTime's luxury gift picks celebrate couture for the canine set, including a Gucci harness, Louis Vuitton carrier, and a $900,000 dog collar that features an 8.5-carat sapphire and more than 600 hand-set diamonds.

Clothes: Today it seems dogs have as many wardrobe options as their human companions. From designer polo shirts to hand-knit sweaters, DogTime has selected wearable gifts in all shapes and sizes.

Collar and leash: Featuring designs ranging from giraffe prints to polka dots, DogTime's top accessories are sure to impress every pooch at the dog park.

Toys: DogTime's dog toy category is packed with the best toys to chase, puzzles to solve, and ropes to tug.

Big dogs: Gift items from clothing to toys that are customized to fit the desires and needs of larger dogs, including an "I had a nightmare I was a Chihuahua" t-shirt.

Small dogs: Chihuahuas and Yorkies have different needs than their larger dog friends; captured in this list are mini tennis balls, a care seat, and even a dog stroller.

For dog lovers: Whether shopping for a dog-loving friend, or for something for yourself as a gift from your dog, these picks range from cuff links to books to items for the home and are sure to bring a smile to any dog lover's face.

In addition to DogTime's Holiday Gift Guide, the site offers a range of holiday-related content, including how to plan a dog party and Howliday dog cookie recipes.

Facts About the Holiday Pet Market (2):

-- There are 74.8 million dogs in the United States
-- 56% of dog owners buy a gift for their dogs during the holidays
-- In the past decade, dog owners giving pets a gift has increased by 12%
-- The average amount spent per dog gift is $10. More than $400 million
will be spent on dog gifts this holiday season

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