Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Have a Heart for These Homeless Beauties

Recently, the Georgia Heartland Humane Society got wind of a few dogs were living on Interstate 85 at the Palmetto Exit 56. A group had been trying to track them since late December or early January with no success. Because of the loving and caring commitment Georgia Heartland has for animals, they could not stand to know there were dogs out there starving and scared. So they joined the daily hunt for the dogs.

Finally, a volunteer spotted them laying...resting on the grass wooded area between the on ramp and the interstate, and was able to get one, a Pointer. Hours later, the trust was won with a possible Yellow Lab mix which allowed the volunteer getting close enough to nab her. While unable to rescue the Aussie , the search is still ongoing. She was too scared and ran, but her tracks have been located up to the construction site at Exit 56. Management at the site are willing to let GHHS set up traps and access the area to try to rescue her. These dogs are receiving medical attention. If you know these dogs, please contact the Georgia Heartland Humane Society. If you have a heart for the homeless pets, please consider donating for their care.

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