Wednesday, March 11, 2009

No More Easter Bunnies Please!

/24-7/ -- Many people give adorable baby bunnies as pets at Easter. In a few weeks the babies grow up, the children lose interest and the rabbits are evicted to fend for themselves or end up in shelters. Thousands of rabbits are waiting in shelters for loving homes. Some of these rabbits have become Super Bunnies and their entertaining show can be found at and on YouTube ( This Easter, give a plush or chocolate bunny as a gift and then visit local shelters as a family to find the perfect bunny for a pet.

Rabbits can make wonderful pets. They are smart and entertaining, each with its own distinct personality. Many baby bunnies are purchased on impulse at Easter without consideration for the long term commitment and care required. Rabbits can live up to 12 years, must be fed and housed properly and require attention, training and vet care just like a cat or dog. The adorable baby bunny grows to an adult in a few weeks and many are neglected, abandoned or surrendered to shelters. Once a family has decided that they want a rabbit for a pet, the best place to look is the local animal shelter or rabbit rescue organization.

Rabbits can be trained to come when called, go into a carrier, use a litter box and other useful and entertaining behaviors. Canadian authors and animal trainers, Joan Orr and Teresa Lewin wrote the book, "Getting Started: Clicking with Your Rabbit" published by Karen Pryor Clickertraining. This is the first ever book on the subject of clicker training rabbits. "We have been getting a terrific response to the bunny book," said Joan Orr. "Many people did not know that rabbits can be trained and can learn as well as dogs can". "Clicking with Your Rabbit is an eye-opening adventure into the minds of rabbits!", said pet journalist Janice Biniok. "I'm for anything that helps us enjoy our pets more, encourages us to build stronger human-animal relationships, or deepens our understanding and appreciation of our fuzzy companions, and this book does it all." The website provides information, resources and videos for those interested in clicker training their rabbit, ferret or other small pet.

In order to promote adoption of shelter rabbits and to showcase the talents of clicker training rabbits, Andrea Bratt-Frick of BUNS (Bunnies Urgently Needing Shelter) in Santa Barbara California ( has created the entertaining Super Bunnies video which can be viewed on YouTube ( More amazing bunny tricks can be seen at The House Rabbit Society is promoting the purchase of chocolate rather than live bunnies for Easter through the "Make Mine Chocolate" campaign (

Give a chocolate or plush bunny for Easter and then do some research into the care and raising of rabbits and visit your local shelter as a family to pick out the perfect bunny pet.

For information about clicker rabbit training and to see videos of trained rabbits visit

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