Sunday, March 15, 2009

Where's Waddle?

Keeping up with the adventures of Charleston's newest penguin

Checking out historic downtown Charleston, walking the Ravenel Bridge, or picking up fish at Earthfare. Sounds like every day activities for Charleston residents and the same goes for the city's newest addition, Waddle. Waddle, the lead penguin of the South Carolina Aquarium's Penguin Planet exhibit has been busy exploring Charleston since his arrival from San Diego in late February. Where is Waddle now?

Quite the computer-savvy penguin, Waddle has posted photos of his adventures on his website, He is even soliciting suggestions from the community on where he should head next. Keep up with Waddle online at, suggest his next adventure, become friends with him on facebook or follow him on twitter. Join in penguin mania by placing a car decal your car! (Available at upcoming South Carolina Aquarium events).

Opening Saturday, March 21, 2009, Penguin Planet will feature a Magellanic penguin habitat and 550 square feet of gallery space. Located on the Aquarium's first floor, guests will have the opportunity to see these aquatic flightless birds firsthand through the exhibit's 10 foot wide window allowing for underwater viewing. Included in general admission, Penguin Planet will delight and educate visitors through its awe-inspiring Magellanic penguins, children's interactive learning games, educational exhibits on climate change effects in South Carolina and of course - daily programs starring the penguins!

Penguin Planet grand opening festivities include special member only previews and a grand opening celebration on Saturday, March 21, 2009. The experience will be a temporary exhibit, visiting through March 2010. Only at the Aquarium for one year, you will not want to miss Penguin Planet!

An accredited institution by the Association of Zoo's and Aquarium's (AZA), the South Carolina Aquarium's Penguin Planet exhibit has approval from the AZA Penguin Taxon advisory group. AZA is the leading accrediting organization for zoos and aquariums and accredits only those institutions that have achieved meticulous standards for animal health, education, wildlife conservation and science. With approximately 2,400 animal exhibitors licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture, only 10% of the institutions are accredited.
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