Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Georgia Puppy Caravan Welcome Celebration & Premiere Party

David York & The Barking Hound Village invite you to "The Georgia Puppy Caravan Welcome Celebration & Premiere Party" on Friday, August 21 from 7 to 9 p.m. at The Foundry at Puritan Mill.

Celebrating one of the largest pet rescue missions in Georgia's history, meet the cast and see the word premiere of National Geographic Channel's highly anticipated new series, "Rescue Ink Unleashed," that follows a group of New York-based tattooed, motorcycle-riding tough guys who save helpless, abandoned and abused animals.

For more information and to purchase $25 tickets to the event, please visit:

The "Georgia Puppy Caravan" will roll through Atlanta on August 19 - 23, bringing hope and bright futures to countless area pets. Originating in New Jersey, the Caravan of up to 200 cars, vans, RVs and even airplanes will travel down I-95, stopping in cities along the way to pick up large donations of pet food and other much needed supplies currently being collected for Georgia area shelters. They will then depart Atlanta carrying hundreds of shelter animals who have already been adopted by caring families in other states.
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