Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sandy Toes Goes on the Scene with Sea Turtles Series

Can you identify this gorgeous sea turtle?

This adorable 97 pound or so Loggerhead is currently a patient at the Sea Turtle Hospital at the South Carolina Aquarium in Charleston and has a remarkable story to share.

Join Sandy Toes on recent adventures with the South Carolina Aquarium in July as three sea turtles were released and for a private tour of the Sea Turtle Hospital at the aquarium in Charleston.

See you soon!
Sandy Toes

Editor's Note: Our own Sandy Toes was invited to join the South Carolina Aquarium on Kiawah Island for the recent sea turtle release and to spend time at the hospital with Sea Turtle Rescue Program Coordinator Kelly Thorvalson. After our staff can pull our eyes off the wonderful videos, we'll be releasing several short videos and articles so our readers can also learn more about these amazing animals.

Many thanks to Kelly for her generous time talking about the program and each turtle.

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