Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Safeguard Your Pet From Cold-Weather Dangers

(NAPSI)-While they may enjoy frolicking in fresh snowfall, dogs, cats and other pets can often experience danger in the colder months. To protect your pet from sore paws and worse, watch out for these symptoms:

• First, if your pet ever walks across a sidewalk freshly treated with an ice-melting product, he might start to limp, whine or even hop and favor one leg over the other. The problem could be a burning sensation from the heat produced by moist particles of calcium chloride and magnesium chloride, common ingredients in ice-melter products.

• Second, your pet may also experience a strong cooling sensation because the slush left behind after deicing may actually feel colder than the snow or ice before it melted.

• Third, if your pet eats snow treated with traditional ice-melting chemicals, he may experience some inflammation in the digestive tract.

• Fourth, some ice-melting crystals are large enough to become lodged in your pet's foot pads, causing irritation and discomfort.

What To Do

One way to give your pet relief is to check for and remove ice--melter crystals from paws after a walk. Rinse the paws thoroughly in lukewarm tap water and then gently run your finger in between foot pads to remove any lodged crystals. Using a soft towel or cloth, wipe off any remaining residue on paws.

To minimize the harmful effects of ice-melting products, you can use a pet-friendly ice melter from Morton Salt.

Because it's made of smaller granular crystals, it's less likely to become lodged in a paw. Also, it does not contain large amounts of calcium chloride or magnesium chloride, which, when moist, may cause a strong burning or cooling sensation, and it contains additives with a higher ingestion tolerance than rock salt.

What's more, unlike other safety blends that may only work in temperatures above 25° F, Morton® Safe-T-Plus® Eco Safe™ Ice Melt performs well in temperatures as low as -5° F.

Learn More

For more information on pet-friendly ice-melting products, visit, call (888) 644-9147 or write to Morton Salt, 123 N. Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL 60606.

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